Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Homies

We have been nominated for the Homies!  No idea who nominated us, but we are soaring through the charts with two votes!  Even two votes makes me excited...that means that at least two people are actually following this blog.  Yippee!
Anyways, if you feel us worthy, please vote by clicking on the picture below!  Thanks in advance!



  1. Hi-

    I absolutely love your backyard makeover and I am actually live in the Northern VA area and was wondering the company you and your husband used. I just purchased a new home and really want to do a patio similar to yours.


  2. I would totally vote for you if you posted more. You never seem to post and I love your style! It's very frustrating :(

  3. Hello Nate and Michele!

    I was looking for people interested in interior design and came across your blog. I'm having an abstract art giveaway right now and thought you might want to enter to win a painting. It's being sponsored by other bloggers all week (today Jennifer at Brave New Home is the sponsor). I couldn't find any other way to contact you, so I'm using this comment form :(

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  5. Hoping you guys are ok.