Monday, November 5, 2012

Overwhelmed and Thankful!

I just wanted to pop in and say...WOW!  We were blown away by the amount of traffic, comments, and new followers that Young House Love brought to us.  I really need to step up my blogging, photography, and projects around here.  Yikes! 
Just a friendly warning for the new followers:  I have a full time job, I am currently 17 weeks pregnant, and I have a full time job (I said that already didn't I?, but I feel like it is important to repeat) so blogging on a very regularly basis is tough; However, I am going to do my best!
Here is a list of projects that are completed and still need to be blogged about:

  • Orb chandelier in stairwell
  • Stump coffee table
  • Built-ins around the living room fireplace
  • Hidden litter box
  • Organization projects
  • Master bedroom progress
  • Guest bedroom
  • Completion of backyard project
  • Shed installation
  • Garage

And a lot of smaller projects.

Thanks again for stopping in, browsing around, and becoming a follower.  I hope that you'll stick around!  So what should the next post be about?  Let me know your preferences!!