Friday, January 18, 2013

This is my Confession

So, I want to get better at this blogging thing, I really really do.  But for some reason, I can't seem to keep up with any kind of schedule.  We have a ton of projects that need to be photographed and written about but they just sit there.  Staring at me.  Begging me to write about them and share them with the world.  And what do I do?  I ignore them.  I curl up on the couch and I watch reality TV.  And then the next day I see how how many people looked at the blog the day before and I think "People are still here.  Still waiting for a new post."  And then what happens?  Repeat.  That's it.  Nothing gets written.
I am so frustrated with myself!  And I can only imagine how frustrated you guys are!  I hate going to a blog that I read ritually and find that the blog post from a week ago is still up.  And me?  I am a month behind!  I have no excuses.  Truly, I don't.  Yes, I am preggers, but as far as I can tell this big 'ole belly doesn't cover up the keyboard yet.  Yes, I have a full time job but that certainly doesn't occupy my time past 5:00 typically.  I am definitely not a domestic goddess (although I like to think myself one) that comes home from work to cook dinner, clean the house, and do laundry therefore rendering me with no time left to write a blog post.  I am just lazy!  There, I said it.  I AM LAZY.  And I need to stop it!  Seriously.
So now I am going to give you a real excuse for not posting in the coming week.  We are going to Costa Rica!  We went on our honeymoon over 3 years ago and we are going back!  Maybe that will be my first post upon our return? awesomely amazing our rental house was.  I am hoping that we can gather some inspiration for our master bedroom.  I will keep you updated.  Seriously.  I promise.  Maybe?


  1. Girl. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!!! Same here. I have so many things (in my head) to blog about but don't. I could defiantly use a blogy charge. :)

  2. I am so lazy I don't even have a blog! Totally understand. Enjoy your holiday :) xx
    Andrea in Australia.

  3. Hope you had a great vacation and are enjoying your pregnancy! If you ever feel like it, I would love to hear the rest about your backyard redo! You guys have done a lot of great stuff.

  4. Oh, honey, enjoy your vacation! I just found your blog from a link on Young House Love and I can assure you unequivocally you are NOT lazy. Girl, look what you've already accomplished! Not only do you guys have a great design sense, you've actually followed through and DONE all those major renovations. Why find an excuse to beat yourself up? As far as I'm concerned, I want a blog to be fun - both for the reader and for the blogger. Look at all you juggle with grace and pat yourself on the back.

    My grandfather used to tell me that everything that has to get done, will get done. It sounds like your priorities are in order right now, with family and home coming before the public's thirst for inspiration.

    This girl will be checking in whenever you get around to posting again. In the meantime, there is already plenty of content on the blog I can learn from. So, thanks for the inspiration.

    I'll leave you with a bit of other wisdom a prof of mine once shared when we all dragged ourselves in to a 7 AM review course after a night of indulgence. We were prepping for a big licensing exam and decided to take a night off to watch a game with a few friends who were leading a 'normal' life. Five hours of sleep later, we shlunked back into a classroom to stuff our heads with even more regulations. Seeing our half-mast eyes and boneless bodies, the prof observed, " guys skipped studying and went out last night?"
    We groaned a collective assent and a slow, deliberate grin appeared on the prof's face.
    "Revel in your evilness."

    I think of him every time I get down on myself for not working on something. We all need occasional bouts of 'evilness'. I hope you revel in yours!

  5. Every day is a new day. Just begin to post again when you can. No worries. =) This is supposed to be fun and not an obligation.

  6. I am the same way! If I didn't work 40 hrs a week, I might get a post written!! :) Good luck and hope you find the balance and schedule to get ya going again! PS- Found you on YHL and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wine holder around the bench seating! Brilliant.

  7. Can you show how you finished off your stairway? Our houses are so similar it is weird and would like to redo my stairs like you did.