Monday, February 14, 2011

The Search for a Sectional

So, if you remember correctly, we were lucky (please note the sarcasm) enough to inherit a lovely set of Italian leather sofas from Nate's family friend.  The are very comfortable, they were free, but they are UGLY!  They have served us well over the years, but it is time that they are retired to the basement.  So, we were on the search for something to replace them.
The layout of our den is a tricky one.  It has a 6' opening to the kitchen on one wall, a set of sliding glass doors on another wall, and the fireplace with built-ins on a third wall. 
So it was off to all of the furniture stores in our area to find something that we liked.  Nate started at Belfort Furniture, a local HUGE furniture showroom not far from where he works.  He found two sectionals that he really liked.  They are made by Rowe.
So we sat on them and they were pretty comfortable so we took home the measurements and.... they were a NO GO.  They were way too big for our space.  Every sectional comes with a number of sizes and configurations for you to piece together in the configuration that will work for you.  Well, when we pieced together the available sizes, they were just too darn big!  Moving on...

A few months later we ran over to the mall on another errand and came across a furniture store called Arhaus.  We immediately loved the style of furniture and accessories that they had so we decided to pop in.  That is where we found it.  The most comfortable couch in the whole world!  It was called the Midtown Grande and it was amazing!  We were in love, this was going to be our sectional.  Done Deal.
We picked out some fabric samples, batted our eyes at the sales woman, got some dimensions, and flew home to see if it would work.  Lo and didn't. :(  It was too big.  Can you believe it?  Sheer and utter disappointment.  It wasn't going to work.  Unbelievable.  I called Arhaus and asked if they made a smaller section with a chaise lounge on dice.  Could they custom make something?  No dice.  Uggh...the fabric samples were returned and we sat (on our ugly couches) dejected.
What we loved about the Midtown was how deep the seating was.  Nate is 6' tall and therefore has really long legs.  He needs a deeper cushion in order to feel comfortable.  The problem is, on a sectional, the deeper the cushion, the longer one of the sides of sectional becomes.  There had to be something that would work.
Now that we were in the sectional mindset again, we visited Ethan Allen.  We found one sectional that we liked, it was comfortable, and it would fit, but the price tag was a little lot more than what we were hoping to spend.  Moving on, again.
So we headed back to Belfort Furniture.  We sat on the two original sofas that Nate liked and realized they just weren't as comfortable as we had originally thought (it was hard to compete with the Midtown Grande).  While walking through the showroom, Nate spotted a couch that he really liked.  We sat on it, and it was comfortable (still not the Midtown, but comfy nonetheless).  Nate went to ask if it came in a sectional..guess what? did!  We asked for the dimensions...guess what? would fit!  We were not able to fit in a chaise on one end but we figured if we got an ottoman we could push it up against the sectional to make our own chaise.  It wasn't as deep as we had hoped (we were hoping for 40" but ended up with 35") but that was the only way to actually fit a sectional in this room.  We took some fabric samples home and measured one last time.  This is how the layout will work.
We are planning to use the upholstered ottoman as a chaise and to add a round wood coffee table (hopefully with storage) in the middle as shown.
We went back the next day and purchased our first sectional...YAY!!!  We have to wait 6-12 weeks for it to be made, but I will post pics of it when it is in its new home!

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  1. Hi Michele! I saw your blog link on FB. Not sure if you heard but Kris and I are buying a townhouse (we move next week) and had a similar issue trying to find a sectional that would work in our living room. We found one at Value City and we're hoping it will fit once we move in and it delivers, if not there is a 7 day return policy. We found a bunch at Belfort as well but they were also too big for us. Love your blog!